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time to level up 

remember when 70 sounded ancient?  well...

jim's "Seven-0"
sunday july 31
5 pm

0618 2_edited.png

941 woodside lane - langley


EVM (1 of 1)_edited.png

by the amazing
eric vanderbilt-mathews trio

Eric Vanderbilt-Mathews on keys and reeds. Keegan Harshman on bass
Mickey Grimm on percussion

enjoy live music


Here's the Details:

We will provide BBQ pulled pork sandwiches and local microbrew, as well as some non-alcoholic beverages. We are asking guests to bring a side dish. Appetizer. Salad. Crudité. Baked beans. Whatever. These things usually work out. 


Sunday is the last day of the Island County Fair, and parking could be a challenge. 

1) Feel free to park on the west side of Woodside Lane (the right side as you come in). Please do NOT park on BOTH sides of Woodside. Please make sure all four tires are on the asphalt. The road is being re-coated on Monday morning and folks have just cleared and cleaned the road edges. Thank you!

2) Please leave our driveway clear for a few friends who have mobility issues.

3) Feel free to drop off your people and your potluck dish before you park.

THANK YOU! Sorry for any hassle...

You may want to come a bit early if that's better for your Sunday. Come on over! We'll put you to work! OR you might even want to spend a chunk of the day at the fair and then come over! Our guest spaces are full, sadly. But we do have nearby BnBs, hotels, and campgrounds if you like. 

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